2018 Wholesale Catalogs

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All espadrille models we offer for wholesale ordering

** all prices displayed are retail. . For more information review our catalogs**


This collection includes all the espadrilles that are shoes. Inspired by the Mediterranean and executed by hand in Spain. They are a blend of the best espadrille making in Spain and a Greek flare.


Espadrille sandals are a combination of production techniques between Greek sandal & Spanish espadrilles. We merged two styles to create a unique product that is super comfortable and stylish. Handmade in Spain.


The espadrille wedges are an adaptation of espadrilles sandals. Its the first heeled product we produced and we are ecstatic about them. Super playful and comfortable for all day wear. 


All sandal models we offer for wholesale ordering

** all prices displayed are retail. . For more information review our catalogs**

Amalthea ( Resort )

This collection includes our Amalthea collection.  The Amalthea Collection is our resort collection. Its made using custom made leathers from Italy. The sole is all leather and will mold to your feet with wear. Also its specially designed not to stain or discolor with wear making your sandals last longer.  The Amalthea line is an amazing quality product made all by hand by artisans in Greece. Its designed to be the most elegant and quality sandal you own in your closet and to be a product you always come back for more since they are timeless. 

Olympia ( Casual )

This collection includes our Olympia collection. The Olympia Collection is our casual collection. Its made with comfort in mind. The construction is super light and includes a very comfortable rubber sole designed for all day wear. Our Olympia line is designed to be casual chic and made by hand by artisans in Greece. The jute braid  rubber sole is custom made by hand and its  the signature element of the Olympia line.   The Olympia line sandals are designed to be the item in your closet your feet will beg you to wear.



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