It's our belief that shopping must only be a positive , simple and enjoyable experience .  We are here for  you to reach out with any questions you have day or night. The Meraki experts are always at your disposal to help with any question. For your convenience we also put together some answers for the most common questions we get.

About Us

Where does the Meraki name come from?
What is our brand all about?
Where are your products made?
What is your mission as a company?
What does intelligent indulgence mean?
Who are you guys anyway?
How often do you release new items


What is the difference between the Amalthea and Olympia sandal lines?
Where are your bags made?

Shipping & Returns

Where will my order ship from?
How does my order ship?
When will my order ship?
Can I return my order?
I am ordering from overseas (outside of Europe), how will my order come?
I am ordering overseas (outside of Europe), how can I exchange or return my order?
I am ordering from overseas, (outside of Europe), am I responsible for paying taxes and duties?

Fit & Sizing

How do your sizes run
How do I know which size to order?

Pricing & Payments

Do you offer gift cards?
Why am I unable to apply more than one discount code to my order?
What forms of payment do you accept?
When can I expect my refund?

Product Care

Are my espadrilles waterproof?
How do I care for my leather sandals?
Why are the color of my shoes slightly different than the ones pictured online?


Can I give shoes as a gift?
Do you provide gift wrapping?
What if I give shoe as a gift and they do not fit, can the recipient return them?

Sold Out - Wait list & Custom Orders

The shoes I want are sold out. Is there anything I can do?
What is the Wait List?
What is a custom order?

Influencer Program #livewithmeraki

What is the Meraki Affiliate and Meraki Tribe program?
What is #LiveWithMeraki?

Size Chart

35 5 2.5 3.5 35.5 21 23.1
36 6 3.5 4.5 37 22 23.8
37 6.5 4 5 37.5 22.5 24.5
38 7.5 5 6 39 23.5 25.2
39 8.5 6 7 40 24.5 25.9
40 9 6.5 7.5 41 25 26.7
41 9.5 7 8 41.5 25.5 27.3
42 10 7.5 8.5 42 26 28
**To ensure you select the perfect size we recommend that you measure the length of your feet**
To measure the length place your foot on a piece of paper and mark the top point of your toe and your heel .Then measure the distance between those points. Repeat for the other foot.
** Contact our Fit experts for additional help. Link on the top right corner of your webpage or in the product page.
** Refer to the fit tips on each product page that is specific to the given style shown.