Ambassadors & The Meraki Tribe

                  We build our brand around the positive message that the word "Meraki" carries. We want to encourage people to love life, embrace every moment and pour their soul into all that they do. Meraki is an attitude, a nod to individuality, a commitment to not settle , live life to the fullest in your terms.  Fashion is an expression of self. 

                   We need Meraki ambassadors to help us spread the word. We want to see where life takes you with our products. Be part of the Meraki Tribe and share with us and the world your individuality and adventures through our products.Spread the Meraki way.
# LiveWithMeraki

            If you are interested to be part of our Meraki Tribe , and or Meraki Ambassador program and would like further information please click here or the application button below.

Meraki (μεράκι) :
the soul , creativity or love put into something ; the essence of yourself that is put into all that you do